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Data-Driven Cybersecurity Research Infrastructure For Smart Manufacturing (SimHub)

Welcome to the website of the NSF CCRI project on Data-Driven Cybersecurity Research Infrastructure for Smart Manufacturing (SimHub).

This project aims to create a vibrant CISE research community for data-driven cybersecurity for smart manufacturing by launching a community research platform integrating three elements: a web infrastructure, a data infrastructure, and a smart manufacturing machine infrastructure. Learn more about our project, our team, our publications, and our resources on this website.


The main objectives of the SimHub project are:

  • To create a research infrastructure that can support the development and evaluation of data-driven cybersecurity solutions for smart manufacturing.
  • To foster a community of CISE researchers who can collaborate and exchange ideas, data, codes, resources, and tools for smart manufacturing cybersecurity.
  • To advance the state-of-the-art in smart manufacturing cybersecurity by addressing the challenges and opportunities in this emerging field.
  • To enhance the education and training of the next generation of CISE professionals and students in smart manufacturing cybersecurity.



The expected outcomes of the SimHub project are:

  • A web infrastructure that can host and manage the data, codes, resources, and tools for smart manufacturing cybersecurity.
  • A data infrastructure that can collect and organize the cybersecurity datasets for smart manufacturing from various sources.
  • A smart manufacturing machine infrastructure that can provide physical and virtual machines for simulating and emulating different smart manufacturing scenarios and evaluating the cybersecurity solutions.
  • A common interface and a common data format that can enable the interoperability and collaboration among the web, data, and machine infrastructures.
  • A set of publications, reports, tutorials, workshops, and webinars that can disseminate the research findings and best practices of the SimHub project.
  • A network of CISE researchers who can share and access the research infrastructure and the community resources for smart manufacturing cybersecurity.


The potential impact of the SimHub project are:

  • To improve the security and resilience of smart manufacturing systems and processes by providing data-driven cybersecurity solutions.
  • To accelerate the innovation and adoption of smart manufacturing technologies by reducing the cybersecurity risks and challenges.
  • To enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the U.S. manufacturing industry by enabling custom products to be made at the point and time of need using smart manufacturing technologies.
  • To inspire and educate the future CISE workforce and students in smart manufacturing cybersecurity by providing them with the research infrastructure and the community resources.



Be catalysts in pushing and motivating cybersecurity for smart manufacturing



Build a community of curious, engaged, and global enthusiasts and experts in being at forefront of manufacturing cybersecurity.



Bringing together expertise in smart manufacturing with cybersecurity experts.



Led by Texas A&M University, New York University, City University of New York, and University of Delaware, along with multiple industry and collaborative partners.